I’m super serious, K?

Dude, you read my mind bro, *even though I’m one year into your future present, while your current present is my past IN your CURRENT future* …. That shit’s fuckin’ trippin’ me up the wall, man, I’m spooked as fuck, It’s that evil double-helix time warp I accidentally unleashed from deep inside that K-HOLE that froze TIME and kidnapped my soul and held it hostage for a 12 eternities, then released me into limbo, somewhere in between our infinite number of dimensions, I didn’t know which one belonged to me and I didn’t know how to get out of the crack in space I was stuck in and back to my earthly body (that was without his soul!).. eventually after having a massive panic attack for hundreds of years, time lost forever and ever, hope fading into the abyss, giving up and letting go of feelings, emotions, and conscious thoughts, accepting destiny, dark eternal nothingness that made death into a luxury I didn’t have the privilege of being invited to. …..by pure chance and teen thousand hours, seconds, only minutes later a female dressed in all white lifted me up and brought me down into my dimension, she gave me 3 possible alternatives to choose from, one leading to future happiness in life due to making right choices, number two was one filled with sorrow and pain, where lust, lack of empathy and not caring if I hurt people around me, in a place where love could not exist, ruled by a great greed, dishonesty and a hierarchy of dark lords whose intentional immoral deeds pave a path to bloody gold, and number three I will explain you after I smoke another bowl of freshly harvested Northern Lights kush…. I tried operating my bong 10 minutes ago, the device made ZERO sense so I ended up blowing into it instead of inhaling, all the weed came flying out …. I should try again….. fuck, think I lost my bong i can’t find it anywhere …oh wait, i’m holding it in my upper left hand… never mind bro….and by i found it i mean i never actually lost it but i thought i did for a minute and it freaked me out man, I need another bowl to calm me down….oh crap, where’s my pipe… didn’t I have a pipe? we will never know,…. 

This music is literally having sex with my ear canal, giving my brain the strongest cosmic orgasm that can be felt throughout my entire body, the voices of the elders drowning out the babbling, gurgling, burping and cooing of the newborn descendants of Cosmos, and visions of mist and dewdrops slowly flood my upper and lower extremities, saturating them in tiny droplets of *celestial serotonin*